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One part Renaissance band, one part Baroque ensemble, celebrating the diverse traditions that make Nashville a great music town – that's EARLY MUSIC CITY. The group takes an historically-inspired, yet light-hearted and open-minded approach to programming, from Renaissance dances,  Monteverdi, and Vivaldi, to Stephen Foster, Celtic reels, and spirituals.

Having existed as an informal “gathering of friends” since 2014, EARLY MUSIC CITY made its official debut in September, 2019 at the prestigious Courtyard Concert Series sponsored by the Nashville Public Library. Additional concert performances followed soon after in Bowling Green, Kentucky and Huntsville, Alabama. The group has been invited numerous times to perform on Nashville Public Radio’s “Live in Studio C,” including the show’s 20th anniversary celebration. Early Music America and The Metro Nashville Arts Commission have generously supported the ensemble’s performances.

“Music City USA” has been a melting pot of fantastic music for over 200 years. EARLY MUSIC CITY delights in the great traditions of that music, extending back to western Europe, Africa, and Latin America.


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